Today, the whole world is in your hands through the medium of Mobile phone. It has everything to offer you from the moment you wake up till you go to bed. One of the significant services it provides is entertainment. Therefore, AOS TV APK is the app that gives you all the fun & feast on your mobile for a lifetime. Sports, movies & news live are its assets in bringing value to its vast audience. There’s much more that can be gained by considering this option; please see further discussion for details.

To install the latest version of the AOS TV Android Application without any technical glitch, you don’t need to sign up for any registration procedure in this application. It has an easy-to-use interface that provides users with a superior watching experience so that they can take in the shows of entertainment on mobile devices. 

Users can easily browse premium and new content, watch blockbusters movies and sports via AOS TV. In this post, we provided instructions on how to use the AOS TV App on various devices. Let’s download the updated version of the Aos TV Apk and enjoy uninterrupted entertainment on your phone. There’s much more that can be gained by considering this option; please see further discussion for details.

AOS TV Apk Special Offers

Trending Topics

All the latest movies & sports content will be available in the trending section. Aos TV Apk gives you premium content every day that will help eliminate boredom!

Track selection (

If there are multiple audios & video tracks available for the movie, then you can tune it to matching your needs. This helps you watch beloved content without any subtitle support.


Content to cast easily (chrome cast)

Aos TV App can be screencast to your tv without any interruptions. All you need to do is to make the connection between devices.

Create a playlist

You can create a daily watch list to not miss the stuff you would like to watch. No need for filters; everything's already here in one queue!

AOS TV Android Application Info

Application NameAOS TV
Current Version23.0.0
Supported DevicesAndroid, PC, Firestick & Android TV
Internet AccessMobile Data & WiFi
Storage required100 MB
Total Downloads​3 M+

Download AOS TV Apk Android & Tab Devices

Some android app stores may not provide official AOS TV v23.0.0 applications on their platform; you can search online or simply tap the button below for direct download. I found no malwares when testing, however; so make sure it’s your choice before making your decision. The app weighs 45MB and there have been no incidents at my end – however this may differ based on your individual needs and preferences.

How to Install AOS TV APK Latest version on Android

No way you can directly install the app unless you allow unknown source permissions like mentioned below.

Step 1

Go to the “Settings”

Step 2

Tap on “Security” Option

Step 3

Enable unknown sources

Finally, tap on apk file setup and execute the usual installation process.  

AOS TV For PC | iOS | Android TV Box | Firestick 4K | Roku TV Cube

How to Install AOS TV For PC [Windows | Mac | Linux]

When it comes to PC, you’ll be needing an emulator to act as a bridge between PC and android OS. It requires little knowledge and commanding to do so. Hence, tap on the button below and expand your intelligence.

Is AOS TV For iOS [iPhone | iPad] ?

No different than any other platform as all operating systems will support one apk format of our app. Only thing that has to change is installation process. Obtain the file by tapping the box below. 

Complete setup of AOS TV on FireStick 4K UHD

It’s offers entertainment on the large screen, Firestick 4K UHD TV, represents this well and acts as a platform for installing apps. It provides service for all other apps except Aos TV. Hence, the user has to find the Aos TV apk on the web and then install it on the device. Nevertheless, if you read the guide below.

full installtion guide of AOS TV On Roku TV Cube

 Due to various reasons, Aos TV App may not work seamlessly on Roku TV; however, screencasting provides an alternative approach that may work. Once you enable this on your mobile and Roku TV device, you can cast as many apps as possible. You can find a detailed tutorial mentioned below.

How to Install AOS TV on Android TV Box | Mi TV 4K

Are you looking for AOS TV App on Android TV Box? There are multiple ways to download & install Aos TV Apk on Android TV Box & SmartTV Box devices. The easiest way to download AOS TV Apk from this web page. This Application Official developer implements the direct app for SmartTV Devices.

  • Enable Unknown Source: open your device setting and click on the security option. Please scroll down to the unknown source option to enable it.  
  • Download & Install: Run the official browser on smartTV device and Download the Latest Version of the Aos TV official Android TV Application ( Goto the internal storage and Click on the Aos TV App file to start the standard installation method step by step.

AOS TV APK Integrated Functions

All these combinations will support you in maximizing your experience exploring AOS TV. 

Real-time live: It’s the several accurate live video assistance provider out there. There is no lag, no buffer, or no app crash.

4K HD Audio & Videos: This fantastic app gives high-quality video content during the live session. It’s possible only when you have a trustworthy data connection. 

24/7 Notification: You will receive notifications about the upcoming shows, and movies & ongoing sports events.

AOS TV Troubleshooting & App Crash

It’s quite common to find errors while executing any application. Fix them as done below.

AOS TV Not Working?

Check if you are still using the old version. If yes, update to the latest Aos TV Apk version from here. Make sure you uninstall the old version before you go for new one because there is no automated update here. You got to do it manually. 

If AOS TV App Data Crash?

Simple reason is that uncleared cache is still pending. Go to setting, look for aos tv app’s profile, and clear the cache. 

Why AOS TV Apk Displays No Data message?

VPN is the most useful solution in this case because it protects your identity and also avoids the data loss for Aos App.



This Excellent Unique app provides both premium and free services to all its entertainment lovers to watch all types of video content on a single platform. Now you can enjoy AOS TV Android on any PC, iOS device, Android TV Box or Roku TV device! After testing its functionalities and requirements, it’s quite reasonable to say that AOS TV works fine on all mobile, PC, smartTV devices with more than 2 GB ram and good graphics & audio support.  Let’s rate based on platforms. 


Android: Any phone with the latest android operating system (4.2 or above) and a good screen refresh rate works great. It’s the best option to choose among others. Consumes a very less bit of battery. 

IOS: Battery consumption is the only thing to be concerned about and the rest functions damn outstanding.

PC [Desktop/Laptop]: You get perfect screen orientation and it’s super fun to watch desired stuff on your PC.

Upcoming AOS TV APK Events

  • FIFA World Cup
  • Olympic Games
  • UEFA European Championship
  • Cricket WorldCup
  • Tennis Grand Slam Events
  • Golf Major Championships
  • Formula 1 Grand Prix
  • Major Marathon Races


Most frequent questions and answers

You can watch the desired content (Live sports, videos, movies, and episodes).

Aos TV App hasn’t suggested any internet speed guidelines still now.

Yes, You download & run this excellent app on any smart device.

If you have problems with AOS TV APK, Consider these steps:

  • Ensure you’ve downloaded the latest version of Aos TV APK from our website:
  • Clear the app’s cache and all data in your device’s settings.
  • Uninstall and install the AOS TV APK.
  • Make sure your device is compatible with the latest version of APK.
  • Deleting any conflicting apps or VPNs that could cause problems with the installation.

Hope the information available brings you more knowledge about android apps and their applications in real time. See you soon with more updates!