Having addiction for movies is a greatest gift ever given to humans. Do you feel stressed? turn on tv, are you bored? Watch a tv show on your mobile. Entertainment has become part of our life which enlightens our mood no matter what situation you confront. Any moment can now be captured and put on AOS TV App v23.0.0 which has great number of sports and cinema content. Be it any platform, Aos TV Apk Download File available and which can be installed on other operating systems. Find all the attached tutorials below.


Before Download the Aos TV Apk Disable the Play protection option on Android Playstore settings.

Every Aos TV App user Please install the App Manger Application for better experience.

Please choose the Official Legal App’s like “Hostar or SonyLiv” 

Precautions for all AOS TV App User

  • Make sure you have VPN tool installed on your device for no interruption.
  • WiFi is the best source to download any application.
  • Also provide all the requirements in order to obtain aos tv app. 

Make sure you check the app in and out to explore its functionalities. It actually takes very little effort to know about its installation and download AOS TV Apk. However, a bit of practice and testing the application will give unlimited fun. 

AOS TV APK v23.0.0 Changelog

  • Ads removed
  • Playstore warning solved
  • Live event update 
  • Home swipe refresh add
  • Performace & issue solve