We are extremely thrilled to present you to the most advanced AOS TV Apk for Roku TV to get limitless fun & joy. AOS TV Apk has a proper interface with excellent navigation & performance, serving the unique stuff quite speedy when compared with other applications. Further, we shall only be transferring information about AOS TV Apk installation and download on Roku TV guides. AOS TV for Roku is a great opportunity to those who prefer Movies, sports & episodes. This application has adapted to Roku TV Cube configuration and settings without any problems. 


Download AOS TV on Roku TV Cube

These Aplication customers can’t directly download & install on Roku TV Device. However, there requires a screencasting method to view beloved stuff on Roku. You might confuse it by thinking of it as screen mirroring, which is completely separate from screencasting. Get the full guide of the screencasting process in the below section. 

Screencasting AOS TV Apk on Roku TV Cube

  • In the beginning, you have to install AOS TV Apk on your Android smartphone. Read AOS TV Apk for the android guide here for more insights.  
  • Both Roku TV and your Android Smartphone must be connected to the same trustworthy WIFI network connection. The Miracast option should be activated on the Roku TV Cube.  
  • After that, go to the default application store and install the Local cast app to your Android mobile.  
  • Once the installation is completed, start the local cast app and choose the yellow cast picture that appears on the underside right corner, displaying a list of devices ready for pairing. Prefer Roku among the few others.   
  • Conclusively, run the AOS TV Apk application and choose the casting icon available on-screen for Roku while playing the video.

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