Download SYNCLER Apk Plus Mod Version For Android

SYNCLER Apk is an android application for watching tv shows and movies with a paid subscription. It has more uniqueness than all other applications in terms of a search engine and video player. It has more fascinating features like an embedded video player in app downloads. One cannot download and share illegally from this app because of its design.

SYNCLER Plus Apk application enables users to experience high-quality streaming. If you can find a single platform with multiple benefits of video streaming, that must be the SYNCLER app. You must now have known the importance of having an application like this. Sounds fantastic, right. Let me now see you through all the intriguing features of this application.

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Apathetic Features of SYNCLER APK

These days, we are filled with n number of streaming applications. To tackle and stand tall among all of those, a newcomer must be so unique to attract users. Once you enter our world, it makes to stay for long. Some of the features, namely Trakt, TMDB, MyAnimeList,simkl. Now I will take you through all the features of this application in detail.

Browse your favourite through categorized ‘TMDB’The TMDB option will enable the user to choose movies or web series according to the genre. Surfing through one particular genre is easier than searching through the whole ocean of movies brought to you by this application. The customized classification contains two categories, namely Tv and Movie. Each category contains genres like Documentary, Drama, Family, Mystery, Crime and so on.



The Trakt feature

The absolute beauty of these applications lies in this feature. This feature enables you to track and store all the movies and series you have watched and would have liked to watch. You will be soon notified when a new episode gets uploaded to your favourite list. You don’t have to search time and time again for the same movie.


When you are unsure what to watch, you will normally get stuck in a dilemma. You won’t get that glitch here because the SIMKL feature enables you to select various popular shows and movies in the latest week. Huh, again, felt that you will get stuck?? Not with this one, because you’ll also have the categorized genres here.

The player

This app provides the format of video according to your hardware. The player is an auto-saved type which allows you to continue where you have left before. Moreover, you can select players like VLC, Exo, MX player, etc., at your convenience. 


You don’t have to carry your own subtitle all the time. In case you have, you can preload them in the player itself. If we provide a normal option for searching subs, how can I say this app is unique? There you go; you can search them through various options like filename, Id, and Name. An AI feature enables options like subtitle validation to check subtitles by filename and can remove them from the list if validation fails.

The ultimate filter

Normally applications provide you with video quality filtering following your data plans.

We exclusively provide filters on video quality and badge filtering, file size filtering, and resolution filtering.

Customized visuals

Select your interface according to your convenience, whether it be dark or light or system default. Make the app that suits your taste by changing through the options provided in this app.

Auto backup and restore

In case your data is lost due to unexpected reasons, don’t get rapped with that. We provide auto backup of your favourites, history and so on. Once you get back to this app, you can easily restore them. 

Download SYNCLER Apk on Android (SYNCLER Plus+)

Huh, feels airborne, right! But don’t you feel like experiencing all the comforts I told you about earlier. Then get ready to make yourself a part of our product. Download Syncler installer to enjoy yourself with this outstanding application.

Default Syncler binary consumes 200+MB Network data and 300+ MB of Storage space on your android device. SYNCLER Apk detects and downloads an optimized SYNCLER Variant for your device (CPU) and reduces network data and storage space requirements to 70MB. You can safely delete Syncler provider packages after Syncler Official App is installed. You can primarily download Syncler installer app below (official site: install). 

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